For the love of family and dogs!

In 2003 a beautiful baby girl came into my life. A little girl puppy that is, and Gracie became her name. She was my first dog all on my own and she won my heart instantly! Gracie changed my life and the way I viewed it in so many ways. Being an American Bulldog, She and I were constantly being judged. I hated the fact that everyone viewed her as a monster. All I wanted was for people to see her for the kind and sweet baby that she was, and that was when I started looking for ways to smooth out her feared bully breed persona. Living on a budget, I was very disappointed at how expensive everything cute was and that was when I decided to explore my creative side. I was very eager to see if I had it in me to make Gracies very own custom accessories and I couldn't believe the outcome! Everything I made turned out to be a huge hit! Not only with family and friends, but with strangers on the streets! Slowly but surly orders started coming in and before I knew it, creating for my own pup turned into creating for all kinds of pups and their parents.

In 2012, I decided it was time to take things to the next level, and Dog Days Bowtique was born. Knowing that I couldn't do it on my own, It was only fitting to make this new business a family affair! Coming from a long line of animal lovers, I just knew that my mom Diane and sister Megan would be on board for this unknowing journey. For years, We spent our weekends peddling our fashions at all kinds of farmers markets and festivals from as far north as Jacksonville to as far south as West Palm Beach. It was hard work, but we loved it! We especially loved seeing all the positive attention dogs received from people when wearing our fashions no matter what their breed was! It was like a sea of confidence came over them! Because of that, Megan and I began to ponder what other ways we could go about helping these amazing creatures that give so much of themselves to us. And so began the next chapter of our story. Adding grooming to our repertoire!

in 2013 Megan and I decided to try out the art of dog grooming and we chose to attend the School of Animal Arts in Casselberry Florida. Not only do we want our four legged friends dressed for success, we want them to feel it and smell it too! Grooming is by no means a glamorous job. It's hard work and back breaking, but we truly feel that a well groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog and that's what its all about!

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